Nene Waterfront Regeneration

The Nene Waterfront Regeneration Scheme involves the multi-million pound regeneration of 20 acres of river frontage site in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire that has lain derelict at the heart of the town for more than 20 years.

As well as provision for affordable and private housing, the scheme includes a new three-storey mixed use building called ‘The Boathouse’, the biggest boat lifting facility from Gravesend to Newcastle, an extended yacht harbour, pedestrian-priority river frontage, new public open space areas and improved accessibility to the town, and a Heritage Trail.

The scheme has been awarded with  the Waterways Renaissance Award run by the Waterways Trust and BURA (British Urban Regeneration Association) promoting sustainable waterway regeneration and development across the UK.

Fenland District Council with funding partners, the East of England Development Agency (EEDA), English Partnerships and the European Regeneration Development Fund has put in more than £10 million to date to cover the cost of acquiring the land, carrying out remedial works to deal with contamination, and infrastructure improvements prior to transferring the land to a housing developer.

CampbellReith was originally commissioned by Fenland District Council to undertake and manage a pre-purchase planning and feasibility study for the development. This involved detailed discussions with Cambridgeshire County Council and the Environment Agency to allow transport and flood risk assessments to be submitted by CampbellReith that would be approved.

The transport assessment included detailed design of off-site and on site highway improvement schemes. The flood risk assessment included designs and modelling of the site to ensure future flooding of the dwellings and units would not occur. Having been involved in the development of the master plan, CampbellReith is now acting on behalf of Fenland District Council and playing a key role on the project team providing multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy services. This includes advice from the initial masterplanning stage through to design, statutory and regulatory liaison and final construction.

Skills brought to the project by CampbellReith include geo-environmental and GIS services, transportation and civil and structural engineering in the delivery of: site investigations and remediation; geotechnical design; flood risk assessment and engineering; transportation planning and modelling; infrastructure design and engineering; and structural engineering.

Services: Structural, Civil, Environmental, Geotechnical, Highways & Transport, GIS & GISSMo

Sector: Regeneration