Margate Seafront & Old Town Regeneration

CampbellReith provided advice to Thanet District Council in order to develop plans for the regeneration of Margate Seafront and old Town.

Margate in common with other UK seaside resorts, has suffered a long term decline in the face of competition from other holiday destinations. As part of the strategic framework, technical studies were undertaken and CampbellReith engaged to advise on transport strategies and to assess traffic and access issues.

These strategies included options for reducing the level of traffic along the seafront promenade. It was hoped that by establishing a clear hierarchy of spaces and a well connected network of routes the area could be made more pedestrian accessible.

A micro-simulation model was developed for the town centre area to allow the various transport strategies to be analysed and to assist the council in assessing the impact of other potential developments in and around Margate as part of their development framework assessment.

This model was used to analyse the option of reducing a section of dual carriageway at Fort Hill to a single carriageway and visually show that there was no negative impact on the local roads or junctions. This scheme is currently under construction.

CampbellReith also provided initial advice on ground conditions, flooding and infrastructure, using GIS to illustrate various options and highlight notable features.

Services: Civil, Geotechnical, Highways & Transport, GIS & GISSMo

Sector: Regeneration