Longlea, Itchenor, West Sussex

CampbellReith was appointed as Structural Engineer for this new build house in 2006. The three storey property occupies a plot of land close to the southern shore of Chichester Harbour and includes a basement cinema and plunge pool.

Although only including three bedrooms, the brief included a requirement for large entertaining spaces with clear open spaces and minimal columns. Above the large lounge area, the first floor is hung from the roof structure to give the impression that the floor is floating above the column free ground floor. The depth of structure within the first floor was kept to a minimum to restrict the eaves height in accordance with the Planners requirements.

The main engineering challenge involved the construction of a large basement within the running sand that was encountered on site. Whilst the basement excavations had to be battered, it enabled a traditional beam and pier foundation option to be pursued which saved considerable cost.

The basement walls were constructed using ‘Polar Wall’; a polystyrene insulated concrete former which utilises a standard rebar arrangement where the bars are clipped to the inside face of the modular former.

The structural design of the property was undertaken using 3D analysis software which enabled the complex shape of the roof to be designed economically and quickly. 47 tonnes of hot rolled steelwork was included in the roof to enable vaulted ceilings to be included throughout with no ceiling ties.

Services: Structural

Sectors: Residential