East Grinstead Town Museum

East Grinstead Museum is a community museum which serves the people of East Grinstead. The museum collections were previously housed in an old building: there was a need for a new museum building with a flexible, state of the art accommodation.

The site is on the former cattle market and is ideally located in the centre of the town. Initially the adaption of the former cattle shed was considered but following feasibility studies and the achievement of lottery funding, together with funds raised locally, the new iconic building was developed on a clear site.

To achieve high insulation and sustainability whilst maximising space, the external walls and roof are of SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) panels.

Minimal steel framing is concealed within the panels to provide flat internal wall spaces that give complete flexibility for mounting exhibits and allow uninterrupted double storey height walls.

Large areas of glazing together with louvered shading and overhanging eaves provide a well lit and comfortable interior. Laminated timber columns and beams support the long roof spans and also the mezzanine floor which accommodates the curator’s office.

The clear internal layout allows zones for a number of activities including a hands-on area and a research room. The structure is fully integrated into the design with a high standard of architectural detailing down to every last nut and bolt.

The building won the top Mid Sussex Architecture Award for Community Buildings in 2009. The judges considered that the building offered flexibility for the exhibits and had been carefully modelled by the clever use of colour and glass to create an iconic building.

Services: Structural

Sectors: Arts & Events