Aspire PFI, Project Allenby Connaught – Workshop

CampbellReith designed six workshop buildings for MoD, within the Project Allenby Connaught. Ranging in size from 500 m² to 3575 m², these workshops were required to provide workshop and servicing facilities along with the associated office and storage accommodation for a range of specialist, technical and unit requirements.

The building form was similar to the stores building but the spans were generally greater ranging from 13.5 m to 30 m. Four of the buildings also had to cater for overhead travelling cranes capable of lifting 10 tonnes.

The ground floor construction for the workshops was also heavier than the stores as some had to support 75 tonne tracked vehicles and jacking loads of up to 20 tonnes.

Some of the buildings had to incorporate specialist facilities such as engine run up cells, roller brake testers, pop-up power outlets, engine wash down bays and raised working platforms.


Project Allenby/Connaught is the MoD’s redevelopment project for the Garrisons in Aldershot and around Salisbury Plain. The 35-year PFI contract has a capital value of more than £1.4 billion and a through life value of more than £8 billion.

The project is providing 360 new buildings and 155 refurbished buildings over a nine-year construction period to achieve a modern living and working environment, with associated support services for some 18,000 personnel.

Services: Structural, Civil

Sectors: Defence