Aspire PFI, Project Allenby Connaught – Offices

CampbellReith designed seventeen office buildings for MoD. The buildings, part of Project Allenby Connaught, range in size from 390 m² to 5500 m². They provide troop, squadron, regimental, battalion or divisional office accommodation.

The buildings are all one, two or three storey steel framed structures. The upper floors were formed from insitu reinforced concrete slabs with fabric reinforcement with a floated finish, screed (incorporating under floor heating pipes) and insulation, on permanent metal formwork.

The slabs span onto secondary beams which in turn are supported by primary beams or directly by steel columns. Composite action of the primary and secondary floor beams was achieved by the use of through deck welded shear studs. Where required, steel trimming beams were provided in floor around locations of lift shafts.

Perimeter cavity masonry panels were strengthened by wind-posts and bed joint reinforcement as appropriate to transfer the horizontal wind loads into the steel frame. Brick panels over windows supported by steelwork spanning between perimeter columns.

Roofs were formed from steel rafters supporting proprietary standing seam/composite roofing to Architect’s specification on cold rolled purlins. Where required, steel lifting beams were provided over lift shafts.

Ground floors were generally insitu reinforced concrete groundbearing slabs, incorporating under floor heating pipes, with fabric reinforcement and floated finish over insulation, dpm (to Architect’s specification) and granular sub-base.

Foundations were generally insitu mass concrete pad beneath main superstructure columns and mass concrete trench fill foundations below perimeter walls. Lift pits were provided for lift installation where required. In some instances other foundation solutions included reinforced bases, ground beams or piling were required to overcome poor ground conditions.


Project Allenby/Connaught is the MoD’s redevelopment project for the Garrisons in Aldershot and around Salisbury Plain. The 35-year PFI contract has a capital value of more than £1.4 billion and a through life value of more than £8 billion.

The project is providing 360 new buildings and 155 refurbished buildings over a nine-year construction period to achieve a modern living and working environment, with associated support services for some 18,000 personnel.

Services: Structural, Civil

Sectors: Defence